Weather, environmental and soil moisture sensing distributor

Welcome to Agbyte

Agbyte was formed in October 2009 to service a growing interest in weather, soil and crop data acquisition in dryland broadacre and irrigated agriculture as well as livestock production.

Weather Stations

On-farm automated weather stations sense a vast range of weather attributes and provide live data feeds of current conditions to assist in making decision relating to environmental management, crop nutrition and protection product application as well as logging data for historical analysis.

Telementry Solutions

Environmental monitoring sites can be located remotely using cellular or satellite communication networks to log data to weather, water flow and height, dust particles as well as camera images.

Soil Moisture Probes

Soil moisture probes have long been proven to improve irrigation practices in the viticulture and horticulture market. In recent times the broadacre dryland segment of the agricultural market has seen value in investing in this exciting and dynamic technology to aid in making better soil moisture management decisions.

Public Weather Station Sites

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live data from our public weather station sites.