Soil Moisture Data Interpretation

Soil moisture probes generate significant amounts of data over the course of many seasons.

Agbyte assist clients in extracting maximum value out of the data through services that include graphing and interpreting soil moisture and crop water use.  Sentek’s IrriMAX software is an industry leading platform for viewing soil moisture probe data.

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Vertical Temperature Difference Inversion Monitoring

Agbyte has set up a temperature inversion monitoring network on Yorke Peninsula to assist grain growers with the application of crop protection products.  When applied in the wrong conditions, such products can drift and trespass onto neighbouring paddocks & environments causing damage.  This ‘off-target’ drift can be minimised by adhering to the label recommendation on the product which describe that they should not be applied when there are temperature inversion conditions present. 

In order to measure if a temperature inversion is present or not, a weather station site need to have a 10 metre tower installed alongside.  The Vertical Temperature Difference calculation is performed by deducting the 1.2 metre reading from the 10 metre reading.  If the reading is a positive number, then it is warmer at 10 metres compared to ground level and therefore an inversion is present.  Typically, temperature inversions develop in the afternoon to evening and persist during the night, only breaking down after sunrise.  For further information on hazardous surface inversions, click on the following link to a GRDC factsheet.

Vertical Temperature Difference Inversion Monitoring

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Agbyte provides data on this web page in good faith and every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that it is timely & accurate. It should be considered a guide to Vertical Temperature Difference conditions across the landscape with the knowledge that there will always be variations in weather conditions from paddock to paddock. Site specific observations where spray applications of crop protection products are taking place is highly recommended. Agbyte will not be responsible for any consequence of decisions made by users of this data. Application of crop protection products should always take place in adherence to label recommendations and with advice from a practicing agronomic consultant. Agbyte may from time to time change aspects of this web site.